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Advocating for Families


PREFund epitomizes what a community can do when it comes together.  We got our start  in 2005 successfully rallying to overturn school closure recommendations from the San Francisco Unified School District and its Board of Education.  This activist spirit lives on.  PREFund will continue to represent the interests of families to local government until all of our needs have been met.

Neighborhood Education

We believe that schools are the bedrock of healthy society and that it is never too early to start planning for a school. From saving Daniel Webster from closure, supporting and welcoming numerous new PreK-12 schools in the neighborhood: PREFund has advocated for and continues to support education and enrollment in neighborhood schools. 

We believe that not just schools, but integrated schools, make for the healthiest of societies -- schools where students are able to interact and learn alongside students that bring different perspectives and experiences to the table.


This area east of the 101 is one of the most diverse parts of San Francisco, both socio-economically and culturally, but it also has the potential to become one of the most segregated.  This is already starting to happen socioeconomically (Potrero saw the greatest increase in income between 1990 and 2010 of any neighborhood in the City.)  And there is tremendous racial isolation in the Bayview elementary schools.


We are asking ourselves...

How Potrero schools and the Potrero community can help ensure student bodies in the entire Southeast are diverse and inclusive?

How can we ensure families can attend a local school?

How do we help families thrive in San Francisco?  


Living and raising a family in a vibrant city is a choice and rooted in a family's values.  Read on and learn why families choose to raise their kids in San Francisco and specifically Potrero Hill. 

Telling Our Stories

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