Connecting Neighbors

PREFund works collaboratively with other neighborhood organizations to find areas where our objectives are aligned so that we can combine resources and help ensure our collective goals are met.


Friends of Jackson Park
Friends of Jackson Playground is a group of neighbors who want to come together to improve and maintain the park.
Friends of P.H. Rec Centre
A group of Potrero Hill residents working to make our recreation center even better.
Starr King Open Space
A mostly sloping, approximately 3.5 acre parcel bounded from 23rd and Carolina to 24th and De Haro.
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Potrero Kids
Little LYNC
Preschool & Family Centre
Daniel Webster
Elementary School
Friends of Potrero Hill
Starr King
Elementary School
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To help improve the lives of individuals that live in the community and bridge the community - police gap.
Dogpatch Neighborhood Association
Improve and beautify Dogpatch;friendly association among neighbors;quality of life in the neighborhood.
Potrero Boosters
One of the oldest and largest neighborhood associations in San Francisco. Protect, improve, and promote the best interests of the district known as Potrero Hill
Mission Bay Families
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Potrero Dogpatch Merchat's Association is made up of over 100 businesses.
Dogpatch Business Association
Foster communication and camaraderie among neighborhood business owners...
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