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The 3 biggest myths that get in the way of The BIRDS & BEES Talk​

Award-Winning Parenting Expert & Author Amy Lang Explains

How to talk to your kids about sex/sexuality at any age


-Why you need to start the conversation way earlier than you think

- Who has the most influence over your kids’ decision making

- The number one way to keep your kids healthy + safe

- The best way to start the conversations

- Why knowing your values is key to talking to your kids

- Tips for making the talks easy, fun and actually happen!

Wednesday, October 4th,  7:30pm

Potrero Hill Neighborhood House 953 De Haro Street

Seats are limited, reserve in advance


- Donation Based Tickets Available
- You are automatically entered to win a wine and coffee gift basket with each ticket purchase

More About Expert Amy Lang

Since 2005, award-winning parenting expert, speaker and author Amy Lang, MA, has been helping parents of all beliefs turn conversations they dread into a regular (and fun) part of their family lives.


Watch Amy Talk get a taste of Amy's style, humor and empowering message:

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